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Island Studies Journal

islandThe Marine Boot Camp Parris Island is one of the two locations which turn men into Marines. Many islands where people once destroyed native species by hunting them or destroying their habitat s are now maintained as national parks and wildlife refuges. Still other barrier islands were formed of materials deposited by Ice Age glaciers. It’s a sleepy, scenic island with a thriving artist community, local and organic dining, and stunning vistas of the Salish Sea.island

Mermaid Beach is a spectacular white sand beach located at the Buccaneer Resort. Many of Florida’s species are on the brink of peril and people should always make sure to enjoy the wildlife, while making sure to preserve the natural order. She was trying to remember all she knew of the courts of the island—where they were held, and on what days.

Cebu Island is a tropical paradise in The Philippines; made up of …

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