Safe Dive into Underwater Beauty of Similan

One way to enjoy the underwater beauty such as coral and various marine life is by scuba diving. SCUBA stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, which is an underwater breathing device. Scuba diving is an underwater activity that uses a set of scuba.

Scuba diving is means we dive to a certain depth. The tools to do scuba consist of stage 1 regulators, stage 2 regulators, air tubes, octopus, BCD, wetsuits, body weights, and so on. Before jump into the water, don’t forget to learn the correct diving technique.

Diving in the sea is different from swimming. Sea is very different from swimming pools or land. Before exploring the waters of Similan by diving, you should have a scuba diving certificate issued by diving schools. Then, after that you can start the adventure with Khao Lak Scuba Adventures Similan Liveaboard, to explore the underwater world with available tour packages.

Sea Water Pressure

In underwater, the warmth of our bodies will disappear 20 times faster than when we’re on land. Without proper training, we can experience hypothermia or cold.

Also, diving is at risk of causing barotrauma, which is a condition of middle ear injury due to increased underwater pressure. To prevent this from happening, we have to do equalization, which is to make the ears adapt to high pressure. You do this by exhaling while the nostril is closed.

When diving, we can also experience nitrogen narcosis, which is a condition of excess nitrogen in the body so that we lose consciousness. In certain cases, narcotic nitrogen can cause a coma. The symptoms of nitrogen narcosis can appear at 10 meters deep.

This means that even though scuba diving is a fun activity, it is not without risk. For this reason, we need enough preparation for scuba diving. Do not do it without proper and good debriefing.

Well, for those of you who are curious to explore the beauty of Similan underwater, there’s no harm in starting to learn about scuba diving, as a choice besides snorkeling and free diving. Good luck.

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